UC needs your help at our Bloom & Zoom Bicycle Run (August 16. Call (574) 875-5158 or email info@elkhartcancer.org if you can help...and THANKS!!

Compassion Walk Thanks!

Tremendous Thanks to All Who Helped at This Year’s Compassion Walk! We’ve raised $65,000 so far, which blows away our goal of $50,000 this week. There’s still time to turn in donations, and post your Compassion Walk webpage one more time. Click Events/Event Pictures to see Compassion Walk pictures, which will be uploaded soon. Thanks Again for Your Great Support!

2014 Leprechaun Leap TV Winner

Congratulations to Jackie Cook with Express Pros for raising the most money and winning the TV. Check back in the afternoon on Tuesday, March 18, 2014, four pictures of Jackie and the TV! Thanks to everyone for making this year a successful Leap and for your continued support of your neighbors in cancer treatment.

Chelsea Duran - Your Donations at Work

20-year-old Chelsea Duran was only married for nine months when she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. At first the doctor thought she was pregnant, but tests soon revealed that her growing abdomen was a 12 inch tumor. After surgery & chemotherapy, she is cancer free! Chelsea and her husband, Erik, left college, and found full-time work managing a local Pizza Hut. Living with her parents, Chelsea is covered under her father’s health insurance, which has a $5,000 deductible. Your donations will help this young couple on their journey through treatment.

2013 Leveraged our $138,375 with $440,000 from Other Sources

UC provided $138,375 in financial aid in 2013, but by helping clients form a plan for their time in treatment, UC also realized that we could refer them other other organizations that helped them find over $440,000 that they didn't know about.

Shayne Rock - Your Donations at Work

In this picture, Shayne Rock has had surgery and finished radiation treatments for thyroid cancer, so she is cancer free! Like so many of United Cancer’s clients, the combination of out-of-pocket treatment costs and loss of income lead Shayne to UC for help. Shayne is a 20 year employee of KMC Controls, and she has a 19-year-old daughter studying business at IPFW. Shayne also works at Maplecrest Country Club and loves to play golf. In fact, Shayne played golf when she attended Goshen High School. Your donations helped Shayne with her cancer bills, and we can’t thank you enough!

Jimtown Cheerleaders Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Jimtown Cheerleaders raised $1,500 with a bake sale, a collection during the game, and by selling t-shirts and bracelets in order to raise funds for the United Cancer Services of Elkhart County. Great job and thanks for your help!

Local Help for Every Kind of Cancer

United Cancer is an Elkhart County non-profit that specializes in helping with emotional & financial support. Some organizations might help if the patient has a specific kind of cancer, through an internet application. But UC helps patients with every kind of cancer and is easy for the patients to find, since our office is right by Concord Mall.

Laura Rasch - Your Donations at Work

Laura Rasch, pictured here with her husband Ejner, had an extremely rare form of cancer in the soft tissue of her right arm. Soon after this picture, Laura had successful surgery to remove the tumor. Laura’s insurance leaves 10% of her costs out-of-pocket, and before the surgery she already had $40,000 in treatment bills. Laura is a 17 year employee of the Elkhart County Health Dept., is a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, loves to read inspirational books, and is the Vice Chair of the Suicide Coalition. UC helped Laura pay some of her treatment costs, thanks to your donations!

Great Support from Susan G. Komen

United Cancer is fortunate to have support from the Northern Indiana Susan G. Komen. Komen provides a $15,000 grant each year to support UC's program to help Elkhart County breast cancer patients. Thanks for your support!

Follow United Cancer on Facebook

Want to know what great fundraiser is coming? Want to see some of the great people that your donations are helping? Want to learn about the "happenings" and he is at the agency? Then search for "United Cancer Services" on Facebook and become our "Friend". Learn More »

Great Community Support

The Circle of Friends Compassion Walk Team organizes a spaghetti dinner fundraiser at Harrison Landing. Here are some folks checking in...

Your Donations at Work

One of the best things that ever happened to 14-year-old Will Mishler (pictured with his mom, Amy) was hurting his neck playing football, because led to his cancer diagnosis. After surgery in September 2012, Will does not need chemotherapy or radiation, but is having some complications from the surgery. Your donations allowed United Cancer to help the Mishler family pay $1,000 toward their insurance deductible. Thank you for your support!

The Culver Family from The Culver Duck Farm in Middlebury

Our major sponsors of United Cancer. Their matriarch, Marilyn Culver, always said during her cancer treatment at the family needs to help all those people she saw who need financial assistance... and the family is living up to her wishes.

Compassion Walk Entertainment

Sisters of the Nile Belly Dancers entertain the crowd at the 2012 Compassion Walk. The Walk brought almost 900 people and earned $63,000! Thanks for all your great help!

2014 Middlebury Walks for a Cure

The community of Middlebury unites to raise funds to aid Breast Cancer patients. A fun filled day full of purpose, the well attended event is one not to be missed. Held once again at Orchard View School, and click "LEARN MORE" to register. Learn More »

Emotional Support, Planning, & Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients - United Cancer - Elkhart, Indiana

United Cancer Services of Elkhart County is different from most other cancer agencies, because we're not a branch office of a national organization. United Cancer was founded in Elkhart County in 1958, and Elkhart is the only county that we operate in. United Cancer is a homegrown, independent, nonprofit organization, and is not part of a national cancer organization like The American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute. Most of the national cancer agencies do good work in funding research and education, but United Cancer raises money to help Elkhart County Cancer Patients: 1) Form a plan for their time in treatment, 2) get connected to new resources, 3) and provide financial assistance for cancer patients, usually helping pay for treatment, supplies, and medicine.  99.97% of United Cancer’s funds come from Elkhart County donations, events, and organizations.

100% Elkhart County!

100% Elkhart County means neighbors helping neighbors right here all year long. United Cancer has great events throughout the year where you can have fun and raise money for your neighbors with cancer. Start out at The Elkhart Moose with the Beta Alpha Chi's Silent Auction evening, next is The Goshen Moose on St. Patrick's Day Weekend with the Leprechaun Leap, sponsored by 103.9FM THE BEAR. In April, Plan for the Circle of Friends Spaghetti Dinner at New Paradigm Brewing (formerly Harrison Landing). Then get your friends and family to raise pledges for the Compassion Walk, the first weekend in May. New in 2014, our 1st Annual Poker Run, starting at the RV Hall of Fame.  In June, Cocktails for Cancer at the 523 Grill is the best Saturday night out at downtown Elkhart.  Next warm-up your clubs at the NAIFA Golf Scramble at Christiana Creek Country Club. Then head to Nappanee for the 1st Annual Classic Tractor Parade.  In August, get your exersize at the Bloom & Zoom Bicycle ride.  September brings the CockoCervesa’s Pong Tournament at New Paradigm Brewing, and Cockopalooza at Elcona Country Club. September also brings United for Fashion, the best fashion show and luncheon in Elkhart County hosted by Stephenson's at Elcona Country Club. Then, kickoff breast cancer awareness month with the Middlebury Walks for a Cure, and finish out the month with your pink hair extensions from over a dozen local salons.

United Cancer can only provide the much needed help to Elkhart County area cancer patients when you donate to our mission or volunteer because UC does not receive government funding! Contact us for more information about how you can help!


1) BLOOM & ZOOM BICYCLE VOLUNTEERS CLICK HERE - Please tell us your name, address, phone.


3) COCKOPALOOZA & COCKOCERVEZA - Dates and Times to come soon


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